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Today digital marketing is developing very rapidly, so it is important to use relevant and progressive tools. What worked in 2019 may no longer bring results in 2020, but the trends listed in this article are definitely worth taking on board and testing in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not yet taking over the whole world, but it is already dominating the world of digital marketing. And this should not be scary, because artificial intelligence begins to perform simple tasks for us and opens up many new possibilities. What are its benefits for digital marketing? It can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, social media and blog data, and help businesses by determining how customers find products or services.

In the nearest future, artificial intelligence will become the driving force for many services and will provide audiences with product updates, communicate with your consumers, and create new content.

Personalization. People value their time more and more. Almost no one wants to waste it on deleting spam from the email, reading unnecessary messages and useless information, and viewing irrelevant pages. All this causes only negative emotions. To gain customer trust, you need to offer them personalized content that is truly engaging. E-mails, products, discounts, offers - today all of this should be suitable for the consumer, "catch" her. Then the person makes an informed choice and becomes more loyal to the company or brand.

Email frequency, topic, personalization techniques - each of these factors affects the result, so this tool deserves a careful approach. At the same time, the ability to analyze purchase histories, user behavior, links makes the process simpler and more accessible. In 2020, general emails and announcements are unlikely to cause anything other than annoyance, so it's worth exploring all the personalization options and starting to put them into practice.

Chat bots. One way to use artificial intelligence is to work with chatbots. In 2020, they will still play an important role in digital marketing.

Video. People love videos. The popularity of Instagram, YouTube, TikTok confirms this. Video marketing is becoming one of the most important trends and will not weaken its position in 2020. You can use not only YouTube, but other channels as well: make live broadcasts on Facebook, post video posts on social networks, send video thumbnails by mail to interest users and inspire them to watch the full video. An important criterion is video quality. In a highly competitive environment, when it is not so easy to attract the attention of a client, the quality must be at its best.

Today, people are using smartphones actively, which it is not always convenient to read long texts or browse pages. But the video format is great for such devices and screens. In addition, videos help to tell the story of a company or product in an engaging way through interviews, stylish product demo, short films about office life or corporate events.

Influence marketing. Influence marketing is the modern version of word of mouth. Consumers learn about products from people they consider to be influencers. Influencers, including celebrities and bloggers from Instagram or YouTube, provide recommendations, talk about products, and help promote the brand by spreading the word through their channels. Even people who know about the collaboration of influencers with companies trust their opinion more than regular advertising. After all, a significant advantage of this tool is live communication in the same language with the consumer. Therefore, more and more brands are moving from the usual advertising solutions to working with influencers on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence will soon begin to influence influencer marketing. It will be even faster and easier to find people with the right audience and reputation, determine user engagement and weed out fake subscribers. In addition, artificial intelligence will be able to determine the efficiency of work and predict the result.

Voice search. Visual search is becoming more relevant, but voice search does not recede into the background either. People are making more and more inquiries with their voice, getting used to smart speakers, and increasingly turning to voice assistants. Communication with them no longer seems very funny or unusual. Rather familiar, convenient and practical.

Voice search strongly influences digital marketing strategy. It is necessary to adapt all channels and optimize the content for requests of this format. It's not too late to do this in 2020!

Branding. Today's audiences are spoiled for choice, so it's important to create a truly engaging and reliable brand. Only this will make it possible to withstand the competition. According to experts, customers want to feel connected to the brand and trust it. Digital marketing helps to achieve this if it actively works and promotes the company in three directions: expertise, authority, reliability.

A brand needs not just good, but high-quality and reliable content, created by an expert in the right field. Relevant, interesting and useful information presents the brand in the right light and increases audience loyalty.

The most popular today and in 2020 will be educational (training) video content. It helps to form an expert status and attract a relevant audience. It will be followed by entertainment content. It's ideal when these types of video content complement each other. That is, valuable, useful information is presented in an easy, entertaining way. Also today and in 2020 there is a great demand for "live" - streaming video. The opportunity to get involved in real events, communication and someone's life while online is highly appreciated by all online users.

Adina Brunetti in Adina Business World

Adina Brunetti in Adina Business World

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