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Adina Brunetti Introducing AJMB Hospitality

The hospitality industry, which includes hotels, restaurants, resorts, bars is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The industry has been affected by several major changes over time, including the advent of several brands and the use of technology. This has led to a sector that is much different than it was when the industry was first established. The Business Research Company estimates that the size of the global hospitality market will increase from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $6,715.27 billion in 2026, driven by businesses restructuring their operations and regaining their footing after the pandemic. Florida continues to be a center for the hospitality industry, with new eateries and lodging facilities opening up to capitalize on the popularity of the state among travelers. Adina Brunetti however, wants to elevate the bar for the sector while helping businesses to get more value from their services as she introduces AJMB Hospitality.

Adina Brunetti is a veteran of the hospitality industry. Adina has aided in the development and promotion of many well-known restaurants and bars as well as regional and worldwide special events in her capacity as the creator of AB 27 Group and the creative director at Adina Creative Food. She also has written numerous books on marketing and the hospitality industry. Now, she’s bringing her brand expertise to the state’s hospitality industry as the co-founder and CEO of AJMB Hospitality.

The range of services offered by AJMB Hospitality will include catering, event entertainment, restaurant marketing and promotion, team member and management selection, events, and rebranding. One of the most common concerns of small businesses, start-ups, and apartment dwellers when it comes to catering is how to get the best food at the best price. The AJMB Hospitality cafeteria development services offers a customizable solution to simplify office and apartment buffet catering, making it much easier to operate and save money. This service is a great alternative for those who want their employees, residents, or customers to receive the best food but don’t have the expertise to do so. In addition, the company provides adaptable onsite staffing and equipment solutions for small and large apartment and office buildings. No matter the size, budget, or onsite intricacy, it is adaptable enough to fulfill the needs of every event. The ultimate goal of AJMB Hospitality is for clients to achieve operational efficiency, profitability, and success .

When asked what she finds most exciting about her work, Adina responded as follows:

What excites me is being able to inspire people to look at the hospitality industry from a different standpoint, offering a high quality of services to their customers while also remaining profitable and ensuring sustainability.”


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