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Adina knows a thing about business success. She is a self-made award-winning business woman, founder of AB 27 Business Group - one of the fastest growing creative and strategic marketing companies.


Being a well-known brand development expert, Adina successfully created unique concepts and lunched businesses in hospitality, marketing & events planning, beauty industry, interior design and consulting.


She gained success through a variety of business ventures, and gathered a team of professional digital marketing, creative and design experts to implement innovative strategic approach to brand development.

Adina Brunetti is a brilliant example of a woman of the XXI century, that image, which has been carefully cultivated in glossy magazines since the mid-nineties. A successful, independent, intelligent, well-known, bright personality and overt femininity at the same time. She is both a member of high society and strategic business woman.


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Adina is now known as a serial entrepreneur who is always in the process of developing new businesses. But despite the professional success, Brunetti is not the "Iron Lady". She has a family who enjoys following Adina's progress and supports her at any time.

Adina Brunetti believes that marketing - is a powerful ideological tool which today plays a crucial role in any business. "One of the most important missions of my job is to help people achieve success in what they do," - says Adina. In fact, it turns out that her personal efforts make a big impact to the overall market and "literally" rock the competition.

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