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Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service. Book by Adina Brunetti

Founder of one of Miami's leading communications companies, Adina Brunetti, has just released her second book. Restaurant owners can take their company to the next level by providing unmatched customer service with the aid of 'Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service'.

Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service. Book byAdina Brunetti
Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service. Book by Adina Brunetti

It has never been more difficult for hospitality firms to distinguish apart in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment. When it comes to restaurant and hospitality communications, Adina Brunetti is a prominent specialist. She draws on her years of expertise to provide an in-depth look at delivering exceptional customer service. Consumers' expectations are constantly changing, therefore knowing how to give the best service possible is vital to ensure that customers are happy and return. As Adina's second book, she explores a variety of topics, including the current service and hospitality sector, the six levels of service, customer expectations, service standards, employee training and motivation, how to handle a dispute, and how to manage your online reputation If you want to elevate your business to a new level, this method will help you. With great excitement, Adina Brunetti announces the publication of her new book Your Restaurant: Exceptional Service. Customer service has never been more essential in the hotel business, but it can also be challenging to determine what best practices to follow. According to Adina Brunetti, “Modern marketing is becoming subtler and more sophisticated, acting on ever more delicate levels. We live in the era of a customer-centric business model. And just one of the key techniques is customer experience management. The emergence of new markets, cheap production and the expansion of e-commerce have all led to an increase in production volumes — which means increased competition. It is no longer enough to offer the market a universal product, even of good quality: with all its characteristics, it will be lost in the general abundance. Products are becoming more individual, narrowly targeted, aimed at solving specific problems, and the approach is becoming more targeted in turn.” Adina describes the ways to implement this in her book. Download Free PDF or audio book:


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