Wedding Decoration 2021: Fashionable Decor Trends and More. By Adina Brunetti

Adina Brunetti

Lovers, who have witnessed what has been happening with the wedding season 2020 planning weddings for 2021 more carefully. And, nevertheless, wedding experts have their own optimistic forecasts. Life has not stopped, couples continue to marry, although, undoubtedly, the organization of public events in the near future will not be quite the same as before.

For example, more attention will be paid to safety, cleanliness, comfort. Open spaces are more popular and more attractive than indoor areas. Also, events in the world provoked a reassessment of values: more and more couples are realizing the importance of traditions and ceremonies, introducing them into their celebration.

What will be the wedding trends in 2021? Adina Brunetti is sharing her knowledge about coming trends.

Wedding Style 2021

Choice of a specific theme and style for an event is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, classic weddings are back in fashion, embellished with textiles, floristry and beautiful tableware. Actually, the design should be solemn and harmonious, and everything else does not matter.

At the same time, traditions come to the fore - a sensual ceremony, dance with parents, speeches of gratitude to guests.

The only style that does not lose its ground, and only becomes more and more relevant, is environmental friendly style. Eco-wedding requires young people to search for reasonable alternatives to decor, traditions, and entertainment that can harm nature. We are talking about a holiday without plastic, replacing paper confetti with ones made of leaves and petals, minimizing floristry in the form of cut plants and using flowers in pots, surrounding, wildlife - trees, bushes without harm to them, etc.

Micro Weddings & Chamber Format

Small weddings with less than 25 guests are the current trend of 2021. For some, the decision to hold a small wedding is determined by the desire to save money, for others - by safety and keeping distance, for others - by the desire to spend an important day with the most important and close people who sincerely love. worried and happy for a couple.

It's worth noting that even if you're not too tight on your budget, a micro wedding might be the perfect option for you. Just invest more in beautiful décor, location, entertainment and food to keep it flawless. And also - choose the best and most professional specialists.

Supporting Local Brands

During an economic crisis, it is extremely important to show patriotism towards the brands of your country - all-USA or local. Therefore, it will be wonderful if you buy outfits for the wedding created by your local designers or made to order in local ateliers, and treats (alcohol, farm products) from your local producers.

Vivid Color Palette in Decor

Adina Brunetti

The flow of negativity, depressing events and news cause a strong craving for bright colors! In part, the events of 2020 shaped the fashion for bright colors in wedding decoration in 2021. So, the minimalism of white, nude palette and powder is a thing of the past.

If too saturated and bright colors are not your option, and you want your wedding decor to be gentle and romantic, go with pastel shades. Delicate, light, pale lilac, pink, yellow, green - there are many options for a sincere wedding.

Brides Dress 2021

There is no need for brides to impress with unusual wedding dresses in the coming year. Classic styles and fabrics are returning to fashion: straight and puffy dresses, royally luxurious and restrained, made of taffeta, organza, chiffon, satin. The dress can be decorated with a fashionable square neckline, beautiful and expensive decor in the form of pearls or stones, floral prints and appliques. However, one trend remains with us - first of all, the dress should fit the figure and appearance of the young.

Triumph of the Yellow Palette

It is still very difficult to tell which colors will be fashionable in 2021. But nevertheless, the experts in the design of events have already decided which palette will be a real discovery next year. We are talking about unusual yellow shades - mustard, hazel, ocher. The main source of inspiration will be nature - the color of dried autumn leaves, ears of wheat, the sun.

Expensive Fabrics in Decor

Fashion experts predict the use of expensive, luxurious fabrics, in particular satin, in the image of the bride and her bridesmaids, for a romantic arch and decoration of tables in the hall. With its brilliance and richness of color, such material will complement the concept of a classic wedding.

Oversized Floristry

In the new year, the main trend in floristry will be a certain excess of traditional sizes of compositions. This also applies to the central compositions on the tables, and the bride's bouquet. It is worth giving preference to free forms, collected carelessly, but large and voluminous.

Flowers, definitely, should be used seasonal and those that grow in your area. Experts also note the fashion among brides to grow flowers for a future wedding bouquet in their own garden. Dried flowers, especially the beloved pampas grass, will not lose their relevance.

Beautiful Lighting

Once again, decorators give particular importance to lighting in wedding decoration. It is the light that allows you to create a special atmosphere - romantic, intimate, inviting! In the new year, it is worth creating large installations from bulbs and garlands - for example, a curtain or a tunnel. Antique candelabra, floor lamps, chandeliers are in fashion - the more, the better! Moreover, a beautiful additional light is needed both indoors and in outdoor locations of the holiday.

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