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Adina Brunetti: Visual Information In Digital Marketing. Surprising Facts

What do you think is the average duration of a person's attention span? A minute or two? It would be nice, but, unfortunately, this figure is much less impressive - only 8 seconds.

According to recent research, the use of visual objects increases the length of the user's stay on a website by 10 times. Information visualization is one of the most effective and proven digital marketing tools. The following statistics once again confirm this statement.

The average user reads only 20% of the text content of a web page.

Users are 30 times more likely to be exposed to information presented in the form of infographics than in any other format.

Since 65% of the world's population is visual, people are 40% more likely to respond to information provided with illustrative materials. This pattern is typical not only for the virtual space: for example, textbooks and instructions with detailed diagrams are remembered 323% more effectively than without them.

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