7 Best Ways to Relieve Stress by Adina Brunetti

You all know what stress is - we are constantly worried about something, from problems at work to health and money. Stress has a devastating effect on the body, so it would be nice to remove it from time to time. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do this, for every taste and for any amount of available time. Here is the list of my personal stress relievers:

If you have 60 minutes - write in your diary or notebook...

This method is confirmed by modern researchers. It is also good because it helps to better understand what is happening and to find the true cause of stress without resorting to medical help.

If you have 45 minutes - do yoga...

For many, yoga seems to be a rather tedious task, but researchers argue that by itself an attempt to keep calm while trying to solve a complex physical task (to take and maintain a pose) - relieves stress. This causes the muscles to relax and encourage the brain not to respond to stress with rapid heartbeats and breathing.

If you have 30 minutes - go to gym or work out at home...

Yes, a visit to the gym has a beneficial effect not only on physical, but also psychological health. In the process of working out, the mood-improving hormones are released and work as natural pain killers. The optimal "dose"? Five times a day for 30 minutes, and no matter what specifically - from running to swimming.

If you have 20 minutes - take a bubble bath...

Taking a hot bath improves blood circulation and releases lactic acid, accumulated in muscles, which contributes to physical relaxation.

If you have 10 minutes - go for a walk...

Even a ten-minute walk is enough to make it easier both physically and psychologically. Researchers in 1998 found that vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the brain. Plus, it is always useful to warm up.

If you have 7 minutes - drink a cup of tea...

The researchers have found that those who drink black tea daily are lowering the level of the hormone cortisone responsible for stress. Tea lovers also have less blood clots that can lead to a heart attack.

If you have 1 minute - read a mantra...

Breathing exercises and pronouncing calming and inspiring phrases can reduce stress levels. The most common, which has become classic, is to take five deep breaths or to count to 10 before speaking or reacting to other people's words or actions. You can also come up with your own options for different situations.

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