Sports And Willpower: Boxing As A Life Motivation

Adina Brunetti

Sport is one of the best and brightest ways to make yourself better. Someone wants to be strong, someone to strive for the beauty of the body, and someone wants to be healthy. Everyone has different reasons. This post is about boxing, which, in my opinion, is one of the best and most effective sports.

Boxing teaches a person to be independent. When you are on the ring - everything depends on you. Having won a difficult fight, you change a lot: you become more confident, gain experience, and you feel some kind of happiness that you managed to do it. Losing, you draw conclusions, analyze errors, work on them. And most importantly, you become stronger. Life is built on ups and downs, so, boxing is the school of life.

Boxing teaches you how to manage your emotions. Anger, negativity and fury do not lead to anything good, not only on the ring, but also beyond. Passing a strong blow, a man gets angry and tries to respond in a furious state, swinging his arms sweepingly, but in the end misses even more. A person opens completely and the opponent simply pierces open weak points. This teaches you to be sober in any situation, keep your emotions for yourself.

Boxing tempers willpower. When it seems to you that you can not last anymore, the coach loads you even more. Here will comes. We can do more than we think. This makes us work beyond what's possible.

Adina Brunetti and Deontay Wilder

Adina Brunetti and Deontay Wilder - American professional boxer.

Adina Brunetti and Ahmed Elbiali

Adina Brunetti and Ahmed Elbiali

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