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Five Reasons To Start Your Own Business: Adina Brunetti

Adina Brunetti Interview

Once upon a time almost all entrepreneurs were employees or students, but they have found their own motivation to start a business. Should I start a business or not? What qualities should be in an entrepreneur? President of Adina Healthy Life Foundation Adina Brunetti gives 5 arguments for creation of your own business.

1. Only ambitious entrepreneur will be able to become successful

The most important thing in any business is being perseverant. It is clear that failures can happen with anybody. However businessmen who have subsequently achieved success simply took more attempts to achieve a goal, which is also confirmed by numerous studies.

2. Start-up - it's not a step off a cliff

Own business is for those who want to control all the circumstances of his or her own life. Many beginning entrepreneurs are confused by the fear of failure and doubts — if they have enough power to build their company, and entrepreneurship is often associated with risk. Of course, the risk does exist. But this is not a step off a cliff. During all the process of creating a business entrepreneur should figure out all the risks and reduce them to a minimum.

3. Start your own business right here and right now

Many people ask when is the best moment to start your business? If the decision to create a start-up accepted, you should start right here and right now. We do not live someday but now. Business opportunities exist at any time and in any environment. Political, macroeconomic and other difficulties is just the circumstances of the environment that need to be taken into account. There is no greater enemy than nostalgia for the past when «it used to be better» and then we had to start, or in another place.

4. Business - it's not a student game

Nowadays many schools for young professionals and students conduct training sessions, where they can try themselves in the role of entrepreneurs. They generate ideas along with a team of experts and make a business plan and business model and then present their projects to potential investors. What prevents them from continuing to start a real business? Understanding of the fact that the game is over and they have make a real decision.

5. Business is a good opportunity to gather a dream team

The most important thing in any startup business is a good team. At the first stage a company's founder usually searches for experts not only on professional criteria, but similar in spirit. As a result, you can gather like-minded people and all team members will complement each other.

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