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Interview With Adina Brunetti About 3H

What does 3H means?

It means “holistic. Herbal. Healing. But we are talking about huge project. The 3H Holistic Village is a center for holistic therapy is a specialized holistic individual and group practice with locations in Florida. In addition to structured and supportive therapy services, our centers provide wellness activities such as yoga and exercise classes, meditation classes, and educational workshops. Our therapists work with individuals and families seeking to make sustained changes. And our groups are tailored for specific issues and quality time with each facilitator. The 3H Holistic Village also provides its customers with comfortable accommodation for the whole length of treatment.

What distinguishes 3H from other projects in healthcare?

3H's Philosophy is based on holistic medicine which truly defines us and makes our center unique. Our focus is on the whole person; we offer a wide array of services, customized to each individual, taking into account the delicate balance that exists between mind, body and spirit.

What kinds of problems can 3H solve?

Holistic medicine can solve a wide range of health problems, including: stress, anxiety and fear, headache, heart pain or blood pressure problems, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, allergies, problems with the digestive system, skin problems, aching joints, viral diseases, phlebeurysm, mental illness, respiratory system problems, alcohol or drug abuse.

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