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Adina Brunetti About Real Estate Market 2017

The real estate market has entered a very difficult period. And this is confirmed by absolutely all market players - those who sell real estate, and those who create it. And very often, trying to solve the problems of the industry, many market participants become hostages to distorted concepts. So should we be surprised with the lack of the desired result?

Now even developers began to gradually understand that the social community, social life of the real estate project is selling first. I talked with several developers who, for example, create facilities for children and infrastructure already at the very beginning of the development. Further they plan other social communications, imitating neighborly life inside that real estate object. The fact is that this is done already means that they are putting into action the meaning that it matters to them.

Because everything should be done by professionals, this can not be learned on the knee, development should be done in detail. And developers, officials responsible for the development of territories, think that it is very simple: they set up a platform, made a table for dominoes, and everything will be fine. It is clear that this is completely wrong.

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