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Interview with Adina Brunetti for Business Club

Keep up with all and everywhere and still be happy ... Sometimes it seems almost impossible. However, it only seems. We decided to interview this business lady (marketing guru)), the spectacular woman and interesting person - Adina Brunetti - and find out what you need to be to be successful on all fronts.

From your point of view, is success - a natural phenomenon or the result of active operation and labor?

Of course, success - is the result daily work, and to reach the heights, you must make an effort every day. It is necessary to learn, grow, to set goals and achieve them, approaching them step by step. But it is very important to be optimistic and believe that today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today, and then success is sure to come!

What can you say about the qualities a leader should have, and especially women leaders?

Women leaders should have optimism and still be strong, because she would have to make decisions, the result of which is not always possible to count at the end. It is necessary to see a complete picture. Openness to new and unknown -is also a very important quality, which will also help to achieve the goals. It is important for a leader to gather a good team, to be able to work with different people, because each employee is a person, which has unique features, their strengths and weaknesses.

In your opinion, what motivates people the most: money, career, self-realization, or perhaps despair? What motivates you to work exactly?

In our company, career and professional growth are very important components of motivating. As for the money, people are motivated from the point of view that give greater freedom, greater mobilit

The traditional question is - how do you combine career-and personal life? How do you achieve balance?

My rule is: No sacrifice for the sake of career, and vice versa. Successful is successful everywhere, including love, family, children, loved ones, and these values are not contrary to a successful business.

Workaholics sometimes think: is there life after work? Do you have time for hobbies, leisure, travel?

I manage a lot. If we talk about a hobby, I am a big fan of fitness. literature, and modern art. Summer is a good time to bike with family, winter - for skiing, always - yoga and dance. I travel year-round for business, and simple. I am constantly discovering new things. I like to communicate with different people, learn their traditions and culture.

If we are talking about success, then we cannot ignore the topic of time planning. What technologies do you apply?

Time management is the subject which I take very seriously, because it is important to plan out very clearly every day. I actively use Google Calendar and Iphone apps. For each project I create a special schedule that has its own structure and is designed to plan the work in stages with the involvement of different people and partners. I can see a clear image and control the process, not forgetting about any details.

Does your business impact on the nature of your personal character?

I am an active in business, but emotional and feel other people very deeply. And I try to capture all the fun.

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