Smart Tennis Book

Smart Tennis was written with the idea of bringing together the three success factors of tennis - the coach, the parents, and the young athletes themselves. Today, competition is fierce and the stakes are rising. In the book, we outline how to help young tennis players pass through these challenging times and how to build a compassionate and effective training and development approach that can help them avoid injuries and emotional trauma, and lead them to success.

This groundbreaking book will show you how to coach future tennis champions by promoting a holistic approach and will provide help to:

  • Create a healthy partnership between parents and coaches.

  • Improve the emotional/mental state of both parents and their children.

  • Teach parents the basics of tennis psychology and training.

  • Develop a deeper understanding between players and coaches.

  • Prepare parents and their children for future stages of tennis competition.

  • Include parents in coaching/tennis academy programs.

Parents who are actively involved in their child's tennis program are generally much more supportive of the training method used, and less likely to abruptly switch between coaches and tennis academies.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the game of tennis requires great emotional and mental strength. Young tennis players must  learn to cope with many diverse issues both on and off court.There are many interconnected factors that come together in the making of a champion, so we did our best to publish a book that would help everyone who is involved in this beautiful game called tennis.

© 2020 by Adina Brunetti

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