"Pre-construction" Marketing by Adina Brunetti

In order to optimize the construction process in the enterprise it is necessary to create a marketing marketing. The department should carry out an objective analysis and marketing activities of the enterprise, based on real terms for the production and sale of buildings, lands and make suggestions for further possible prospects and setting long-term goals. Also it is important to develop already outlined strategies for optimal enterprise marketing programs.

The program, developed by marketing companies for a pre- construction project should be the basis and should serve as a guide for all construction plans for the organization, and, in principle, occupy the central place in all plans. These programs allow the company to properly assess their capabilities, gaps and differences from competitors, as well as to prevent the emergence of working failures, i.e. using the program, it is advisable to carry out the distribution of financial resources, material resources, intangible assets.

For example, the most important step in the development of marketing programs for companies engaged in construction, can become market segmentation, i.e. the separation of wanting to buy a house on the demographic, economic and geographical indications in order to find the most promising market niche for the project.

Moreover, construction companies can choose from a variety of tactics, for example:

Single marketing tactic, in which the sole purpose is the maximum sale of a certain type of housing;

Differentiated marketing tactics, which develops a strategic framework for all areas of

competitive market separately. This tactic also allows the construction company to achieve the maximization of marketing of their products, as well as to stabilize profits in the long term and the nearest future and reduce business risks.

Note that the marketing program is important not only to be introduced by the organization, but also to manage them properly. Marketing management in construction - is the process of adaptation of the company to the current market conditions, and it consists of performing the most important stages:

• An analysis of market conditions;

• Picking of the focus markets of the organization;

• Development of the whole complex of marketing;

• Implementation of the planned measures.

Today marketing in pre- construction becomes an important element in improving the competitiveness of the construction enterprise. Marketing is able to solve such problems as the volume of construction and its direction, the direction of the use of capital investments, optimal financing, etc. Developers succeed only with projects having the most effective marketing system.

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